Prayer Requests

Jude's family-All of us

Pastor Tim (healing and a kidney)- All of us

We pray for Brock's family in their grief: Mrs. Beatty, Mr. Beatty, Makayla, Isabella-All of us

Dad, guinea pigs, Silas, kids in my class, Mrs. Beatty, everyone to have a fun time outside, pray for my mom and dad at work, pray that I will be nice to my sister, Anna -Aaron

Cousins and uncle (Vesterfelt family), everyone on Dad's side of family (cousin Jeanette passed away, COVID to go away, all those in Stirling to be safe, uncle's girlfriend, mom and dad to be safe, Logan and Kaylie, Lara, Mom has to get a COVID test every two weeks, oldest sister who lives near Kingston, safety, great aunt Kathy in the hospital, Dad at work (he has to work nights)-Allie

My tooth that got banged, my Mom, no one to get hurt, Coronavirus to go away, Praise God for our house, for no one to get hurt, thankful for Paw Patrol, thankful that we have chickens, pray for Mrs. Beatty and her family, no one to get sad-Anden

Mom to have a good day at work, dad at work, kittens in our backyard -Andre

Having Hailey over, Dad and Naomi not feeling well, pray no one else gets sick, parents are exhausted, Girlguide cookie drive -Anna

Youtuber's dog, going on a play day, Mrs. West's sister, Pastor Steve, COVID, scientists to heal COVID, COVID to go away, thank God Aunt Pia can walk and talk, glad Sammy is back, Lukumay and "a safe drive back from Africa" Aunt Pia, my mom's friend Marsha, for everyone with Lukumay to come back, everyone that is sick, Mrs. West, kittens-Braden

I got needles, Dad not feeling good with his back, our three friends having babies, grass seed, cats, people that died in the army, mom at work, Kobe and Andre ready for newspaper route, people with cold and virus, Gabe, Daddy's friend with sling, Grandma, aunt feeling sick, bunnies living, Andre and Kobe coming over-Caleb

Cat that has a problem, Beatty family, Mom, cat, feeling better, my mom feels scared about school, my grandma's sister who had a car accident, my mom wants to be a nurse-Charlie

Nathan, hockey, Nathan's family, praise for hockey, Dad going to Sask, no one to get hurt, pray for Jude's family, parents working, Dad at work, six baby kittens needing a home, Nana, Kato, Mom and Dad, new desk partners, how to learn to stop and skate backwards, Martin's grass got seeded, Boden at daycare, praise for new doors in class, Mom's friend Nathan in coma for over 90 days, the Beatty family, my finger that got hit by a hammer, - Cody

Mom and Dad at work, praise for my parents being married, Mom at work, Beatty family, God to take sickness away -Corbin

No one to get hurt, for everyone to have a good day, hockey, praise that Sammy's back, cat that died, Ellena's cat, unspoken, praise that we got chickens, the Beatty family, - Dante

To have a safe day, no one to die of Coronavirus, Noah's parents, unspoken, person whose son died, hockey starting up, Nora's finger, Simon to be on my team, Mr. McEwen, Hawksley, great grandparents, Jude's family, Mom, helpers, COVID cure, chickens, our dog, brother Corbin, Mrs. West's sister having a baby, man's family who took his life, Simon to be on the black team, no one to get hurt, Nora's finger, unspoken, our other school, Izzy's cats and Ellena's cats, chickens, Dad, Nathan's family, unspoken, Evan, COVID not to go to orange, scientists find a cure, everyone to trust in God, Dominic's finger to heal, the Beatty family -Eli

Friends in exams-Emily

Dad at Marsha's, Hailey not well, Mr. and Mrs. McEwen, Caleb, for those that got hit by a car, Mrs. Beatty, Aunt Pia, praise for Samaria, Marsha, Bryson's family, sick people, all my big brothers at work/school, sisters and brothers, mom and dad working, my brother working with Dad, safe drive for my brother, all my brothers, Mom's friend Marsha -Hannah

Aunt Jordy needs a house to live in, good day, no one to get hurt, everyone to be safe, Mrs. Beatty's niece, for hockey to go well, Mr. Switzer, my wrist, grandparents, everyone who is sick, Oma & Opa, dad at work, hunting and hockey, people in hospital, mom got a new uniform, Dalton, Corbin, scientists to fight COVID, for sickness to go away, Mrs. Beatty, my mom lost all of her aunts, kittens, Mrs. West's sister-Isaac

Good day, Mom, week goes well, Tannen, roads are safe, Makalya with a meeting, Dad, Papa who has cancer, sheep, everyone who has a cold, for my dad working, Makayla to have a great day -Isabella B

Hockey, building a hockey rink in our backyard, everyone to have a good day, unspoken, Mrs. Beatty and family, our cat and Ellena's cat, friend having baby, Dominic's finger, hockey, pray for the Beatty family, for Dominic's eye -Izzy

Try something new, American election God will rule, good day, sister to have confidence, praise God that we got a cat, my dad, going to Mrs. Goettling's, unspokens, thank God for all students and teachers providing for all our needs and for education-Jesse

Dad being off, my teeth, sweater not to break, Mom's head, my left ear, newspaper delivery, hockey, friend Jake, people to be kind to our family and not throw snowballs at our window, guinea pig to stop shedding, my Nana and Papa's dog is dying, friend Tallis-Kobe

Throat hurts, Mrs. West's sister, Mr. McEwen, good day, my mom, Mrs. West's sister, banged head, Mrs. Beatty's family, Gabe's mom, our horse and cow, COVID to go away, hockey-, Lily (grade 2)

Good day, weekend, seeing Daddy, Papa, Daddy needs a house, horse and cows, people who are fighting for us (soldiers), neighbours, learning to skate, fox hurting my chickens, everyone to have a good day, safety for mom , Mrs. Beatty, Angel's eye, pray for my ponies and baby chicks , animals, Joey, Noah and Theo coming back, - Lily (grade 1)

Cousins, cats, Serenity -Lola

Hockey praise, unspoken, grass got seeded, Mrs. West's sister, Lukumay's family coming back, Dad at work, all my requests on my list, Pastor McMurray's family, Dad's friends wife had a blood block and is doing well, Mom at Brettwood, COVID, landscapers, Dad, unspoken, kitten, hockey season, good day, that we won't go into a lockdown, COVID, aunt and uncle, my leg -Malachi

Aunt visiting from Ottawa, my mom, good day, prayer for healing for Mr. McEwen, the Beatty family, building our house, Mom, no more of our meat chickens to die,my mouth, Jude's family, that I can go to Isabella's and my aunt can come, brother playing hockey -Natalie

Chickens, Hawksley, good day, Grandma and Grampa, Toby Mac, Mrs. West's sister, my finger, Mom, Dad, the Beatty family, Autumn who might have sprained her arm, Emerson, praise that Emily is here, for all the pastors, Lilian, Lukumay, COVID, Mr. McEwen -Nora

Thank God for being back to school (Nov. 1). I am glad everyone is okay, those with COVID to get better, Lukumay to come back, Mom to feel better-Sam

Beatty family, Good day, virus to go away, Uncle Tim, Theo, Joey, Boan, and Ruby Mae to come back, Mom, sisters, PRAISE that no one got hurt in fire, everyone sick, aunt and uncle Josh's wedding, Jude's family, Mrs. West's sister having a baby, unspoken, Mason, hockey, piano- Samaria

Nanny and Papa to sell restaurant, cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Sauve, Pator Terry, Larry Harry, Pastor Larry, Pastor Roger, Pastor Hammel, Pastor Steve, Pastor Andrew, dad at work, mom doing homework, Quebec, grass that was seeded, our cat, Mr. McEwen, my back hurts, dad and I going to chiropractor, Toby Mac, Aunt Eleanor has a broken elbow and Praise for my mom at Loyalist College, my dad with back and hip sore, cat's water, paper route, Mom with all of her assignments, Mr. McEwen's healing, 2 unspokens, COVID to go away-Serenity

For our grass, for Sammy being back, Mr. McEwen, cure for COVID, newspaper boy, friend with a broken shoulder, grandparent's farm and uncle, kittens, landscapers, our neighbours, Malachi, Beattys, kittens, Paivas, Toby Mac, mom at Brettwood, the state that had an explosion, Dad, hockey, -Simon

My brother, unspokens, no one to get hurt, calf, animals, hockey and figure skating, Mom working, to have a good morning, getting to see my dad, those that are hurt, Nora's toe, Karate, Gabe, patience, ballet and Lily at Karate, unspoken requests, no fights, everyone to share, everyone to be kind, COVID, animals, for the Beatty family, horse with hurt leg, safety, Mom worked all night, step-dad got COVID test, babies, my dad is stressed, cow that isn't feeling well, we found a bird that was injured, get chores done so I can play outside , Lily's back hurts- - Violet

Praise that my niece had her baby boy! Makayla and Brent working together, praise God for meals, asking God to help us have a wonderful day, praying for the grades 5-8 at the Baptist Church, praying for friends and family members who don't know God to come to know Him, praying for God's peace to fill our hearts, for those home-schooled, unspoken, Makalya, Rachel doing school, those going through troubled times, my neighbours, Allie, praying for Mr. McEwen, two ladies that need prayer, thank God for the love that is here, teachers supporting children, for the parents, for those to invite Christ in our lives, for strength, to love one another, to have understanding, heart goes out to others in troubled times (whole world), for those that have lost loved ones, THANKS to all that have prayed for us, four families I am praying for, five young people I am praying for- Mrs. Beatty

Pray for the Beatty family, lady at church with elderly father has leukemia, their church, wisdom for Pastor Andrew, sister travelling to Nunavut (safety), Silas, - Mrs. Buckingham

Praying for Rachel in North Bay, Mark in New Brunswick and for God's direction in his life, Mrs. Beatty's family, praying for God's protection and health, Ahola family who lost a family member, Aunt Pia, friend Jordan with cancer going for radiation treatments, Tracy with heart surgery, Nathan and Maggie in school, Bella, Sarah, Mrs. Warren, everyone to be healthy and to keep COVID out of school, praying for Sebastian that he will remember God's love, thankful for our co-op students Allie, and Emerson, unspoken, Mason, Angel (baby)and kidney stone and Rajit, Mr. and Mrs. Sauve , Mr. McEwen healing (PRAISE he doesn't have cancer), pray for Mrs. Buckingham, PRAISE Pastor Tim (needs KIDNEY) and Madoc Pentecostal Church, Caylem's Papa, - Mrs. McEwen

Mr. McEwen's healing, Friends in my class not feeling well, everyone to have a wonderful day, my girls at their schools, pray for my sister, Jan, who is having a baby GIRL!!, Brooklyn's health, thankful girls at school, Pastor Steve with teaching, praying for Mrs. Beatty and their whole family, thankful for God's peace and love as we support each other, PRAISE that Jan's ultrasound was perfect, protect Jan from COVID, Praise for protection, safety for family during COVID in Ottawa, -Mrs. West