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Gr. 4/5

June 15, 2020 - You did it!!!

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." ~ 2 Chron. 15:7


Look through the check-list below to make sure you have turned in all your final work.


Le Français

avec Madame Mcewen

mardi, le 28 avril, 2020

We are starting a new unit on "Les adjectifs qualificatifs" or qualifying adjectives in English. All that I want you to do today is to watch the video to the left and take notes. C'est tout! That is all!

*There is one abbreviation that quickly appears "OMG" that you know we consider a swear word and should not be used unless you are praying to God.

jeudi, le 30 avril, 2020 et mardi, le 5 mai, 2020

HOMEWORK Assignment

Watch the video. Write down five adjectives from the video with their meanings. The teacher also gives you several sentences with adjectives. Write down your favourite sentence with its translation. This assignment will be worth 20 marks as follows:

5 adjectives (5 marks) with their meanings (5 marks), one sentence (5 marks) and its meaning (5 marks).

mardi, le 12 mai Les adjectifs qualificatifs

Click on the link below for today's French lesson. Your homework is to translate all eight sentences.

mardi, le 19 mai, 2020 et jeudi, le 21 mai, 2020 (Lesson for Tuesday and Thursday)

Les adjectifs

Watch the above video that lists 40 adjectives in French. Write the first 20 adjectives out on Tuesday with the emoji that goes with them. Translate all twenty words. On Thursday write out the final 20 adjectives and draw the emoji that goes with them. Translate those words. You now will have a list of 40 adjectives with an emoji to help you remember what it means. Send the list to me on Thursday. We are going to have a test on adjectives next Thursday.

mardi, le 26 mai, 2020

AVOIR-We are starting a new lesson "Les expressions avec avoir." Watch the video to the left. Write out ten of the expressions from the video with a sentence to go with it and translate the sentence into English. For example:

  • Expression Sentence Translation

Avoir peur J'ai peur. I am scared.

jeudi, le 28 mai, 2020 Click on the link and follow the instructions. Only the 6 expressions have to be handed in to be marked.

mardi, le 2 juin, 2020

Watch the video to the left and write out five of your favourite expressions WITH the translation (10 marks). For five bonus marks...what expression is on the teacher's mug and what does it mean?

jeudi, le 4 juin, 2020

Conjugate the verb Avoir with Alexa. You do not need to send anything in. Write three sentences using avoir.

mardi, le 9 juin, 2020

See Mrs. McEwen in this new French video:

jeudi, le 11 juin, 2020- Our last French class

NOUS AVONS FINI! C'est notre dernier cours!


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